Getting started with Leadseeker

  • Contact us

    Contact us for an initial consultation in which we will establish your requirements and agree a lead price.

  • Account set-up

    We will then create a merchant account for you on our system, this will enable you to log-in via our web application to set up your account. You may have one or more products associated with your account and for each one you can choose the number and frequency of leads you wish to receive. We then put the means in place to collect the data for your business using the agreed marketing technique. In the case of search-generated leads this consists of instructing our affiliates to construct web sites based around your product. If the product you sell is already active in our system this step is instantaneous.

  • Deposit funds

    You will need to deposit appropriate funds with us to cater for the volume of leads you wish to receive. There is no minimum amount.

  • Start receiving leads!

    Leads will be delivered to the email address you supplied whilst setting up your account and are also visible by logging-in to your account on the Lead Seeker website. You may also choose to receive leads via the API.